Another well satisfied customer!
Janna bought a Pewter and Wenge 'Buck Special' bolt action pen for her husband's (Jody) birthday.
I got the order on a Monday afternoon, made the pen Tuesday morning and got it in the mail that afternoon. It was received bu Thursday.
Janna knew what she wanted and matched the wood with the finished she desired.

"He absolutely loves it. 

He just started a new job last week. And he used it at work for 2 days and He told me on my way home today that he absolutely loves it!

I'll have him go out to your website and give you a review!

Thank you so much!

"Hello Eddie;
I just wanted to say that my deer head pen that my wife (Janna) got me is absolutely beautiful.  I was quite surprised when she got it for me for my birthday.
I got it at supper and was amazed at the craftsmanship of this pen.  My son and daughter in law were amazed at it as well.
I took it to work on Monday and my boss was also amazed at this pen. 
Since taking it to work, I have used the hound of it and it has worked flawlessly. 
Again, this is an outstanding piece of equipment and a beautifully handcrafted piece of art.
Keep up the fantastic work and I will continue to steer people your way.



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