The real 'pay off', is having a well satisfied customer!
Thanks for your business Fred Masey!
"I ordered a hand crafted pen from Eddie Stephens. At least that’s what I thought I ordered. In a few weeks it finally arrived and I tore open the package like a kid at Christmas. Inside I discovered the magic of Eddie’s hands passing into mine. More than a pen, it was a fine twenty-first century writing instrument he created especially for me, with a quality that I thought was lost ...decades ago. I now own a family heirloom that can be handed down to be enjoyed by my children and even their kids!

My first reaction was that this is an instrument of pride, not only of craftsmanship but of ownership; something only to be displayed and admired. It was so elegant, I was afraid to get fingerprints on it! Then I couldn’t resist the feel of the solid Spalted Red Oak barrel and took it for a little test write. The instrument handles like a classic fountain pen, but with none of the shortcomings, and smoothly flows expression onto paper in a way that makes communication comfortable and personal again. Thanks a million, Eddie … think I’ll give the eMail thing a rest for a while!"

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